Fairlight Kontakt R2 group buy offer. “We’re building a rocket together, piece by piece!”.

This is a group buy offer which starts out with no less than 658 patches from Fairlight Kontakt R2 for just $73. For each few new customers placing orders another set of patches will be added. Special patches only for this rocket edition might also appear!

Achieved steps:

Step 1: $73 for 73 patches.
Step 2: Due to public demand, the Group Buy set has to be larger from the beginning. This has now been fixed and an additional 585 sounds are now added.

Explanation, one more time People on forums were asking for a clarification on how this is meant to work, so here goes:

1. The beginning: $73 gives you 658 patches.

2. The more people ordering, the more patches will be added (for all participants, of course).

3. When a decent number of group buy packs are sold, all participants will get the entire Fairlight Kontakt R2 library (of over 1,400 patches). Everyone gets a huge sound collection!

The idea is that if you join you will see the library grow and it will hopefully inspire people to inspire more people. 🙂

Buy now

Join in! This group buy “rocket” will include more and more sounds the more customers we get. The goal is to be able to release the entire Fairlight Kontakt R2 library for just $73.

Option 1:

This sounds like fun to me! Count me in! $73 bucks for a $347 value! Let’s do this!

Option 2:
Too much fun for me! Take me to the regular tank please! I need all sounds NOW!