Way Beyond Synclavier

Please note that these libraries nowadays are for Reason only. If you want WBS for Kontakt, please check out our Kontakt soundbanks and you will find the sounds there.

Way Beyond Synclavier 1

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Price: $119. Order. Special deal: WBF R2 together with Way Beyond Synclavier 1 & 2: $159. Order. Way Beyond Synclavier 1 – Synthesizer Kings introduces our amazing Synclavier synthesizer sounds with entirely new programming, patching, combinator design and more. The refill weighs just below 360 Mb and contains 231 NNXT patches, 700 Mb of samples, 18 FX patches, about 120 bonus patches for rack extensions (A series, Ivoks, Polysix, Predator, Pulsar, PX7 and Revival), Midi out templates for Unitor 8 / AMT8 as well as 9 carefully designed and programmed Combinator patches. All instrument samples are perfectly looped and everything was multi-sampled at 16/24 bits at 44,1 Khz. The sample content is much larger than the patch content, so there is plenty of room for creating even more patches.

Way Beyond Synclavier 2

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Price: $19. Order. The second Synclavier sound pack comes with 50 highly versatile patches – a ‘bread and butter’ collection of sounds to please any taste. Standout sounds are the Klik Synbas patches; excellent house music friendly synth basses; acoustic sounds like strings, pianos, harp, guitar and various bell sounds.