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Letting Reason be the new Fairlight system. Direct sampling, unlimited audio tracks, sequencing, synthesis, effects, automation. What’s missing: The classics and tomorrow’s next sounds. Look no further.

R2X is being introduced during February 2018. Made for Reason 7 and up. Comes with a whole line of nested refills & nearly five thousand (5,000) individual patches.

Sounds designed using 24-bit, perfectly looped samples taken from Fairlight IIX, Matrix 12, JX-8P, Juno 106, Jupiter 4, Prophet 5, DX7, M1, CZ-5000, Lambda and much more. Over 200 ReDrum kits including a plethora of drums & machines.

Signature patches includes additional Combinators, Thor & NNXT patches. Generously provided by the world’s top Reason programmers.

Individual patch demos


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Intro offer during February just $59 USD

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Demo version: DeLight