Way Beyond Fairlight R2

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Way Beyond Fairlight R2 is one of the deepest and most advanced sound banks ever made — and it’s made with and for Reason. A somewhat more restricted version is available for Kontakt, called Fairlight Kontakt R3.

It all begins with the basis of the Fairlight CMI, the first uncompromised instrument for digital sampling and manipulation. You will get ultra rich layers of extravagant pads, a multitude of drum banks, bass patches, mallets, guitars, strings, high end synthesizers, special effects and more. Over 5 Gigabytes of data before packing into the ReFill format (which conserves space more than 50% without affecting the waveform data). Over 4,000 individual patches.

More importantly, it sounds absolutely fantastic.

Seamlessly looped multisamples of many other great hardware instruments are also included. Our mission with this sound bank is for Reason to meet and excel the criteria of the Fairlight. Armed with a newer version of Reason (7 and up) you have sampling, sequencing and synthesis. Here’s the missing bit: The sounds dreams are made of. And hits.

We have included fine original and classic material derived from Oberheim Matrix 12, D-50, JX-8P and JX-10, all Juno models, Jupiter 4, Jupiter 8, Juno 60, Prophet 5, DX7, TX81Z, M1, 01W, Trinity, CZ-5000, Korg Lambda, K4 and even a number of other sampling instruments.

Redrum kits count to over 200 and includes a plethora of drums & drum machines. Special kits are included, made for techno, synth, pop, hiphop, house, electro, dubstep and more. Kong kits? Check.

Just as Fairlight-equipped studios back the days had access to various other equipment, this extensive sampling and programming work builds bridges back to the first days of digital sampling.

What users are saying. Thank you to all fans of the work!

Seamlessly matching up with classic midi controlled hardware

In practice, what Reason can do when equipped with this library is to faithfully reproduce just about every classic synthesizer and sampler sound worth mentioning. You will recognise sounds from record productions with Tears For Fears, Howard Jones, Yazoo, Pet Shop Boys, Art Of Noise, Peter Gabriel, Yello, Erasure, Propaganda, Scritti Politti, Michael Jackson, Prince – and that is just scraping the surface of what this true library of sounds do deliver. Signature programmer patches includes additional Combinators, Thor patches, NNXT patches. Generously provided by some select top programmers. FX patches included. There are also about 400 patches for Malström, Subtractor and Thor. And there are rack extension patches too, as extra icing on the cake.

Way Beyond Fairlight R2 is made for Propellerhead Reason 7, 8 and 9. We also have versions of the library for Reason 4, 5 and 6, respectively. Check them out here.

Building these libraries, we have moved in small steps, ensuring that there are no “fillers”. Everything has been sampled, programmed and combined from the ground up, with the highest intentions of really creating awesome — and useful — sounds. Compared to the prior version, WBF R2 comes with about 500 changes and additions, including improved loops, better patch organisation, new patches and hundreds of new samples.

One of our first demos about our fairlight refills.

A big thank you to users kindly posting informative videos about our work; it helps us reaching out. Soundcloud demos are also available here.

New additional & free bonus patches are available here.


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New bonus Radical Piano patch, December 2017