Tech support issues


Q: I am on an older PPC mac and I would like to download my refills. I started downloading and they all look like ReFill icons but they don’t work. What’s going on? I am using the TenFourFox browser as Safari etc are no longer supported.

Make sure you are downloading the right way, it’s easy to make this mistake. The browser needs to ask you if you want to save the large file, otherwise you will just be downloading a 100 kb link to Dropbox or similar. This is the way it should look:

Q: I have updated my Fairlight refill to a newer version and as the newer version has all of the stuff from my older one (I went from Fairlight II+ to Fairlight Platinum) I am afraid my song files will not work, or will they? How do I solve that?

It’s fairly easy to solve this but you need to go through a few steps, and that has to be done for each song file. This issue is also the exact reason for why we kept the refill name ‘Way Beyond Fairlight’ also for Way Beyond Fairlight R2 thus making that particular transition swifter.

The steps described in this PDF document takes a Fairlight XXL refill user to Platinum, as an example and XXL (or in your case II+) can be removed after that, if hard disk space is an issue.

Keep in mind though that although all samples and patches are kept (and improved) in the later versions, some patch names has been changed and due to the 2 Gb refill space limitation*, song demo files existing in II+, XXL and Platium had to be removed in the later versions due to make space available for all the thousands of additional samples and patches. It could be said that true fans of this work should keep at least Fairlight XXL on disk (or even obtain II+, XXL or Platinum as an add-on) even though they are using WBF R2 now, because XXL for instance has such a rich number of demo tracks, and they are really fun to explore. To elaborate even more on this matter, while we think we did improve the categorization and sorting to the ultimate level with WBF R2 some users prefer combining it by also looking for sounds in the older refills because they got used to how they were designed. It’s exactly the same as when you work on a different computer than the one you are used to; it can be a bit frustrating to know where to find things, if you are in the middle of production work and want just the right sound just here or there.

*) Although the refill limitation is 2 Gb on disk, we packed as much as 5 Gb of data into WBF and WBF R2. It really worked. Reason’s non destructive disk compression is a truly wonderful thing. The same thing happens when you create a full mix with 100 Mb of audio. Check the reason document afterwards, you’ll be pleasantly surprised: it’s a 100 Mb song but it just uses 40-70 Mb on disk.

Q: I truly love my old Mac computer but I really need to move on to Intel. I want the latest Reason version too. It’s just seems so cool so I need to do this but what happens with my refill?


Q: I got WBF R2 with Reason 9.x for my new iMac and it’s fantastic! But my kid also makes music and I gave him / her my old dual G5. Can we use WBF R2 in that one as well, if I purchase one more WBF R2 license? Can we install Reason 9.x in that one too?

Your refill will always work no matter what; as long as you go in this direction: From old to new. But this is a big issue and as we also love our old Macs and hold on to them dearly we follow Propellerheads’ own logic closely. This is how it all goes, but you can always try experimenting. Nothing will be damaged.

Reason 3 -> Our ‘Reason 4 and up’ refills (Orlando, II+ etc) will probably work in Reason 3 as well, and that’s all the way back to the 2002 Mac models.

You can basically use Fairlight II+ in an iMac G3 but there might / will be issues with our Combinator patches. Many of them are simply too huge for that CPU. But if you have a G4 MDD 1,25 dual with max RAM and an SSD drive, you have plenty of horsepower to run II+. The D-50 refill certainly works. A G5 would be even better. We usually say that Fairlight II+ is our last PPC Mac refill and that’s why it’s still available. Now, if you get an entirely new machine with the latest version it’s not a problem because II+ works there as well. Magic thanks to Propellerhead’s world class beta testing. It’s like a Word document more or less. Word can always open old documents in a new machine but it can’t always open new documents in an old machine, running an earlier Office version. Lost you there? Sorry for that. Anyway. Inside info: Fairlight II+ and all the II+ demo tracks, as heard here…

…everything in that youtube clip including the video editing itself was cut on a 2003 Dual G5 2 x 2 Ghz machine with 4 Gb of RAM!

Reason 5 -> This was Propellerhead’s bold move, following Apple’s even bolder one. The transition from Motorola PPC processors to Intel had begun and Propellerhead followed the leaders. To use Reason 5 you needed an Intel Mac. Which Bitley™ refill then? Fairlight Platinum was our first Intel refill. 😉 It was done with Reason 5 on an Mac Mini Mid 2010. Imagine that electricity bill drop! The Mac Mini consumes 10% of the power required by the server grade G5 (which uses around 300-350 watts!). So what about that G5? Well it’s still here and we won’t throw it out. If you are as nerdy as us, hear this: This text is produced – in 2017 – on a 2002 Mac G4 MDD running TenFourFox and only 1,25 Gb of RAM. Vintage is cool!

Reason 7 and up -> Now, the Intel mac themselves are getting old. The Mac Pro 1,1 model (2006) can barely run Reason 7; in fact we have to fact check this. That machine… (check, have one) can’t run anything above 10.7.5. There is some “Pikes bootloader” stuff that tries to solve that but it never works in the true Macintosh way: “It always works!” – it’s rather like hacking a hackintosh out of the Macintosh. Brr. Horrible.

Anyway: WBF R2 was done with Reason 7 but it works perfectly fine in Reason 9.x as well. WBF R2 will not work in the G5 though. But stay tuned; we love this experimentation and you should try it as well. Don’t throw away the older machines. Don’t miss MorphOS for instance. Let the G4 be your Amiga!

To be continued…