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Review of WBS 1, by Failed Muso Ok, for the purposes of full disclosure, I am a massive fan of Patrick’s work. His meticulous attention to detail in his sound design is right up there with the best. So, I had no qualms about buying this new library. The Fairlight one has given me great pleasure and joy over the years and is, without doubt, my first port of call for most of my sounds. As a Fairlight owner, I can safely say it is the closest any library has come, bar none, to matching the sound of the great machine. WBS is a superb sequel to the Fairlight stuff and delivers a dense and rich digital sonic palette that shifts between lush, evolving pads, harsh, crisp bells and dissonant chimes. Wading through the NN-XT files, there is much to play with here, all of which bears a lovely clear sheen of Synclavier-esque tones. But there are also bucket loads of extras (no surprise there), particularly the RE patches for the likes of the Korg Polysix, Props PX7, Revival (which I must buy!), Ochen K’s amazing A-Series, Predator, Pulsar and Ivoks. Bucket loads of drum samples, FX patches and more. There is a shitload of material here that is begging to be used. And by buying into this now, you know that Patrick only makes these bigger and better and increases the return on investment exponentially. I am, unsurprisingly, impressed. Patrick does it again. Good work, my man.