Reason Banks (Free & pro banks starting at $9)




This refill gives you our own custom patches as programmed on the quite stunning analog Behringer Deep Mind 12 synthesizer. As a neat bonus the sysex patches for the DM12 are also included, if you should happen to have or get a DM12 later on. The refill contains “single” as well as combinator sounds and these are truly some of the coolest synth sounds to ever come from Reason. Very very playable and enjoyable.

This demo video plays our patches pretty much soloed, building up into a full arrangement to give you an idea of what it sounds like:

Note: This refill is also included in the WBF R2X pack below.


If you would peek into the extremely fun sampling world we provide with the giant WBF R2 refill but perhaps feel the price is a bit steep, this is an excellent alternative; this refill contains our experiments on the extremely classic E-mu Emulator III sampler. You will get a rich assortment of flutes, banjos, harps and synthesizers all perfectly programmed and with a rich set of stunning Combinator patches. The EIII was a fantastic machine but it had lots of stability issues; none of those will be present here but this library will take you into the EIII world – a world you will like a lot


The O8R refill contains synth waveforms ideal for using the NNXT as a digital synthesizer. These waveforms can be combined in a multitude of ways and a large selection of patches (for NNXT and Combinator) is also included. Many of these sounds are also included in WBF R2 but this is a highly enjoyable refill in its own right, giving you great and perfectly looped waveforms so that you can create sounds similar to synths like Korg M1, Kawai K4 and Roland D-50. If you like creating your own patches this is an excellent toolbox with endless variation. This refill is compatible with Reason version 4 and up.


This is one of the most passionate Reason refill projects ever concieved. Some of these sounds has been passed on into the giant WBF R2 project (found below) but here they are in their original form, using the original JX10 inspired combinator skins. This is actually a perfect soundbank for techno and hiphop artists as the sounds are very samply and lofi but not in the normal sense. Here’s why; we decided to create really dirty sounds so they were processed this way: Recorded on to tape. And then sampled from the tapes. You will also get great drum sounds and some more clean emulations of the real JX10 synth patches. All in all this one is a lovely refill.


Poly X3M builds upon the idea of the Korg Lambda Poly ensemble synth, which is a vintage analog machine with fantastic sounds. The structure was kept intact, with stunning multisamples of it, added with a truckload of other sound sources, still categorized “the Lambda way”

The quite cool X3M combinator design allows for seamless mixing between 8 pre-defined sound categories; Electric Piano, Brass, Clav, Organ, Piano, Voices, Oscillators and Strings. The underlying multi-sampled and perfectly programmed NNXT patches respond to these category selections making it a breeze to create unique combinations of sounds. About 250 patches are sorted into the given categories, so the number of possible combinations is just about endless (or something like 100 millions). A good assignment of various reverbs, choruses, delays and arpeggio patches (with different arpeggios assigned to different sounds) round it all up, allowing for very complex patches that easily would tax the CPU in some other environment. Not so in Reason, with its ultra high end CPU optimization.

The entire waveform bank of its multisamples and single samples is seamlessly looped, thus giving you a vast selection of about 650 unique raw synthesizer waveforms to use for your own patch creations. Sampled sources includes various combinations of D-50, JX-8P, our Flux library, our O8 library, Lambda, pianos and selected & treated re-edited waveforms from our massive Fairlight libraries. .

Content: 350 Combinators, 370 NNXTs, 60 Rex loops (synth phrases & chords), 30 ReDrum Kits, 20 FX Patches, 20 RE Patches (about 730 Mb when packed.


RE-XT 1 is a rack extension refill with our patch design for a number of great rack extension synths, including Propellerhead’s Pulsar synth / LFO engine, the Korg Polysix RE and Propellerhead’s FM monster, the PX7.  Included are hundreds of patches for these instruments and even a few Combinator patches where rack extension powers were combined for really fat and nice sounds.

Note: This refill is also included in the WBF R2X pack below.


A chance to get the vibe of the real Prophet 5 right into the Reason rack.

The Prophet is a refill containing each single factory sound from the (revision 2) Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 synth from 1978, and all sounds here were multisampled – in fact, we sampled each and every single note from the old analog super classic synth. Many of these sounds were also included in WBF R2 but this refill is great as it truly  gives you the real analog sound – something a software synthesizer never will be able to reproduce. You will get jitter, detuned sounds, quirks that truly only can come from the analog world. A perfect match and compliment to the sometimes way too perfect sounds we hear from the synthesizers in the rack. Also included: The drum refill DaBeat with all of the drum kits as they were in WBF R2’s predecessor, the Fairlight XXL refill.

Way Beyond Fairlight R2






Brand new for Dec 15, 2018, this is the ultimate Solid & Lately Bass pack for PX7, giving you pure classic house settings with processing and creative programming as well as instant, easy tweakabilty thanks to smart Combinator assignments. Similar to the free PX7 refill above, we have filled up the whole TX-816 (note the difference – it’s the rack synth costing 25 times more than the TX81Z back in the day, it wasn’t 4-op; it was 48-op!) rack with 8 angry and over funky DX7’s all contributing to the possible risk of serious speaker damage. Settings inspired by classic house mega hits are of course included. The kind of house music from the 90’s with real deep grooves – Mantronix, Technotronic etc. If you know these references, you’re going to love this refill. Also included in 8Z Pro.


Demo track using WBF R2 as well as Way Beyond Synclavier

Demo track using only the sounds from WBS 2

Unique Synclavier based sounds with entirely new programming, patching, combinator design and more. The first refill weighs just below 360 Mb and contains 231 NNXT patches, 700 Mb of samples, 18 FX patches, about 120 bonus patches for rack extensions. All instrument samples are perfectly looped and everything was multi-sampled at 16/24 bits at 44,1 Khz. The sample content is much larger than the patch content, so there is plenty of room for creating even more patches. The second Synclavier sound pack comes with 50 highly versatile patches – a ‘bread and butter’ collection of sounds to please any taste. Standout sounds are the Klik Synbas patches; excellent house music friendly synth basses; acoustic sounds like strings, pianos, harp, guitar and various bell sounds.