Sounds For Synths: Sysex Banks

Our patch banks for hardware synths are top notch & have been used on numerous recordings. The banks are $15 each and you transmit them to your synth using free system exclusive programs like Elektron C6 (PC and Mac) or SysEx Librarian for instance. Just enable system exclusive and disable memory protection in the synth and the sounds are sent over rapidly via MIDI.

1. Roland D-50 / 550: The Polysynth Deluxe.

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Feeling like pushing us forward? Order. This bank is currently being designed but can be preordered – you will be delivered a preview bank which is amazing and the new patch bank will be uploaded as soon as it’s done & you will be getting it automatically. The current state of it is great. One of the patches already there just about nails the Chariots Of Fire sound.

2. Yamaha DX11 / TX81Z: SequenceMe! and RaveDeTekno.

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Totally 4-op & super fun to play. Order. This package contains three 32-patch soundbanks and the sounds are also compatible with V-50, DS-55, YS100 & YS200 and TQ5 as well as Native Instruments FM7 & FM8 soft synth packages. We programmed these patches in the truest of hardcore modes; from scratch and from the TX81Z front panel!

3. Nord Modular & Micro Modular: Economical.

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Creating a poly out of a modular. It has to be done by a flippin’ flockin’ bird keyboard player. Order. These patches are economical because several of them are using very few DSP resources. The most resource efficient patch gives 12-note polyphony on the Micro Modular. You need a computer running the Nord Modular “G1” editor in order to load in and transmit this bank. The patches are incompatible with Nord Modular G2. These patches have been used by John McLaughlin!

4. Casio VZ series: Centennial.

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The synth nobody has ever seen. Or so. It’s actually not too bad. Pop in this bank and explore a new side of it. Order. This bank is compatible with VZ-1, VZ-10M and VZ-8M. The sounds were recently used by the hardcore synth group Covenant for their latest (2016) release. These sounds bring out qualities from the VZ not heard anywhere else; fat pad sounds, Prophet VS-like bells and leads, a stunning kickdrum, awesome FX sounds and more. 64 single patches and 64 layered patches.

5. Kawai K4 / K4R: Analog Classics.

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Order. 64 fantastic single patches with unique and new Oberheim, Juno and JX impressions. The K4 has fantastic filters and oscillators making it very good at emulating analog synths. There are Moog bass / solo patches and wonderful strings etc. Like all of our synth banks these sounds were programmed from scratch on the very K4 itself.

6. Kawai K4 / K4R: New Age Pads.

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Order. Some of the best pads we have ever done – and heard – are in this bank, including the amazing Underwater patch which is a true jaw-dropper. The K4 had a pretty straightforward layout with its waveforms and filters but magic happens when the right levels and combinations are found. Beautiful pad machine when loaded with these sounds.

7. Kawai K4 / K4R: Xtravaganza.

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Order. A wonderful collection of sounds of various types; basses, pads, leads. The perfect follow-up to the analog and new age banks. If you have a K4 untouched by the magic of patch design, this bank will transform it into a brand new synth. That alone justifies the prices of all our K4 banks combined – and then some. Don’t lose money selling your synths; invest money in your gear and find completely new use for it.


8. Kawai K4 / K4R: Xtravaganza II.

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Order. Kawai K4 is a true programmers’ synth and it can deliver such an array of surprising sounds! In this bank we’ve experimented a lot with its ring modulation capabilities. Together with LFO modulation things are truly coming alive in these patches. If you ever want to compete with your friend’s $8,000 modular synth system, bring out your Kawai K4 and load it with this bank. Insane and insanely cool sounds will emerge from this old digital piece of plastic. The outside of it doesn’t reveal its inner wolf.

9. Roland JX-8P: E’manuelle.

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Order. We chose the name of this patch collection based on how the JX-8P works. This 30-year old classic analog monster indeed speaks MIDI but in a funny kind of way. Patches can be transmitted manually, one by one. So a paper and a pencil are good tools. You have 32 internal memory slots on the synth, and an additional 32 slots if you have one of the legendary M-16 C cartridges. Note which patches you like and which you can overwrite. Then start transmitting: You get to preview the patch and to store it, do it manually on the JX. Our vast library of JX-8P sounds is included and they’ve been used by the famous house producer Stonebridge.

10. Roland JX-10 / MKS-70: LFO Experiences.

At first we were surprised with the JX10 because it was often told to be ‘two JX8Ps in one’. This was and wasn’t true at the same time. The LFOs in the JX10 re-triggers. So we started experimenting with this, a lot, because we wanted it to behave as analog and alive as the 8P. There are workarounds. And we made sure to include quite a few of those in this bank. The bank comes with 50 tones (that is, JX-8P sounds) and 64 patches (tone combinations). You need a fresh M-64C cartridge in the JX10 in order for it to recieve the sounds correctly.

We have decided to release the JX-10 bank LFO Experiences for free, and you can download it directly via this link.

If you are a proud owner of a JX-10 or MKS-70, do not miss the Fred Vecoven projects of rebuilding the entire operating system for them, fixing lots of things, adding a huge number of internal memory slots via flash memory – as well as the hardware modification giving these majestic synths analog PWM modulation. If you look even further down the line another project fixes all display issues by offering a brand new display which can show even more information if paired with the Vecoven operating system.

Three new places to check out as of 2017!

This link takes you to Fred Vecoven’s site.
This link takes you to
This link takes you to the Super JX Facebook group.

11. Roland JD-XA: Inspired.

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Order. We presented some of these patches on the YouTube channel and these demos are two of our most popular YouTube clips ever; enjoy:


Naturally, the above demos are using some of the patches (two in fact) included in this small but efficient collection. The JD-XA is such a majestical mystical magic tour de force of synthesis. Is it an analog synth? Yes, four of them in fact. Is it a digital synth? Yes. Is it a workstation? Well of some sorts, yes. Is it worth the money? Yes, we think so, absolutely. How does it feel working with it? Well it feels like controlling a space ship. A true experience.

Important info regarding all orders. You will be getting a digital download. We process all orders manually. Please allow for up to 12 hours of delivery. You do not need to remind us manually as we recieve email about all orders. Sit tight, your sounds will arrive.