Way Beyond Fairlight R2X Add-on ($29)

The new addon pack R2X Additionals (to WBF R2) gives you a whole serving of new refills with hundreds of new patches.

Included: RE-XT1,  Deep Mining, DeLight and the main refill WBF R2X Additionals.  Over 1,000 new patches, spread across the included refills.

There’s also 1 Gb of new sample data (before packing) & very interesting professionally looped waveforms to create custom patches alongside the cool NNXTs and combo patches we’ve designed. The Tunguska 107 set of signature Ivoks patches is also included.

Rack instrument patches for Polysix, Pulsar, PX7, Radical Piano and ReDominator.

A very new cool addition to WBF R2!


Individual patch demos