X3M (Korg Lambda)

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A strange machine, a string machine? Although extremely rich in patches the true way to use X3M is to actually tweak the combinator patches. This can of course be said about our other refills as well but in this case the combinator skin was designed to introduce a mixing functionality: There are four mixing controls and each sets the level between two sounds. Price: $15. Order.

Made for Reason 7 and up. This refill builds upon the idea of the polyphonic string ensemble instruments, such as the stunning Korg Lambda which was relentlessly multi-sampled and carefully looped for this project. The combinator design allows for seamless fading between instruments sorted into 8 categories. Poly ensemble instruments as well as an interesting selection of sounds from our Fairlight and O8R material.

Poly X3M comes with over 800 patches; 350 Combinators, 370 NNXTs, 60 Rex loops (synth phrases & chords), 30 ReDrum Kits, 20 FX Patches, 20 RE Patches.

To further get to know the inner secrets of the X3M refill we recommend studying the 1979 Korg Lambda panel layout. A vintage synthesizer designed and built for a specific purpose; to be easy to use but still sound great.

All sounds are in the refill and you can use it in the same manners as the real 1979 Korg Lambda synthesizer.