Bitley’s D-50

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The D-50 was a quite cool digital representation of the Jupiter 8. Used that way it really was one of the first VA synths. Adding effects, PCM waves and FM-like modulation on top. Roland introduced the D-50 during the summer of 1987. For a dedicated sound freak it’s a stunning instrument still today.

This refill gives you a little bite of what Linear Arithmetic synthesis can do, giving you some wonderful & highly playable D-50 sounds for Reason’s NN-19 sampler. Compatible with every version of Reason, from 1.0 and up, this refill is inspiring and easy to use.

Price: $5. Order.

Note: If you would rather want the full programming functionality of the synth, including all presets and PCM waves, we recommend looking for a second hand V-synth with the D-50 card, the D-50 itself or the rack-mount D-550. Another possibility that just (finally!) appeared is to get Roland’s own VSTi instrument from the Roland Cloud site.