orlando jx10

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A killer refill for a killer price. Especially now when it’s 50% off! Price: $15. Order. We processed our own Roland JX-10 patches by recording them to analog tape. After that, we sampled them and built patches. This became the Orlando JX-10 refill which also contains a healthy amount of drum kits from V-Synth and TR-909 and more. All patches are carefully categorized and while not perhaps having the best visibility factor, the Combinator graphics are super cool and gets you into the right Roland JX mood when browsing and having fun. Orlando JX10 – “Taped Noises” is a refill perfectly usable for genres like house, techno, electro, pop and more. It contains 444 sounds from the Roland JX10 synthesizer. Before sampling, the sounds were processed with an Otari MTR-90 reel-to-reel 24 track tape machine in order to give the sounds some extra grit and uniqueness. We sampled our own patches as well as a few classic factory presets such as Obese Fifths. Also included is some 909 and V-Synth drum sounds. You can make entire tracks with the refill or use it as an extra spice. Compatible with Reason 4 and upwards. Includes new variations on the Reason factory (sound bank) patch “Amazing Lead” (for Malström) which we programmed, along with some other patches. Orlando JX comes with Combinator patches as well as NNXTs and ReDrum kits.

The JX-10 patches are also available via this page, as real sysex files for the actual JX-10 Super JX / MKS-70.