Orlando JX10

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A killer refill for a killer price. Especially now when it’s 50% off! We processed our own Roland JX-10 patches by recording them to analog tape. Maxell UD90 might ring a bell? After that, we sampled them and built patches. This became the Orlando JX-10 refill – which also contains an unhealthy amount of drum kits from V-Synth, TR-909 and more. Techno toolbox? Bang on target.

All patches are carefully categorized and while perhaps not having the best visibility factor, the Combinator graphics are super cool and gets you into the right vintage & nostalgic Roland JX mood when browsing and having fun.

Embracing the analog dirt

Orlando JX10 – “Taped Noises” is a refill perfectly usable for genres like house, techno, electro, pop and more. It contains no less than 444 sounds from the majestic 1986 Roland JX10 synthesizer. But they are recorded in just about the worst way possible … and we did this as a plan. Say that again? Well for our high end synth refills like O8R, X3M and Deep Mining we were very 24-bit minded and theoretical about getting each waveform and loop perfect. That’s all good and so on but it’s maybe just too clean for some applications. That’s when this refill really shines and rules the party. Again, these sounds were recorded onto tape. And then we sampled them from the tape. When you play them on the keyboard, they will make you smile: it’s the sound of true oldschool sampling. Coldcut’s Kleptomania and… as a classic joke goes here in Sweden — Enya is rave, not techno. If you are making dance music, hiphop or anything like that, you are going to love this refill.

So is everything just nosiy and all that?

No. Sometimes we cut that out, sometimes we left it there and looped it. But some sounds are done the schoolbook way as well. Some of them even became surprisingly clean. Here’s what we did: We sampled our own patches — patches you can in fact download for free now if you have a JX10 or MKS70 — as well as a few classic factory presets such as Obese Fifths. That one was recorded in the correct way, as several separate layers directly from the JX itself. It’s unnecessary to mess too much with the obese japanese. We are true friends of Roland by the way.


You can make entire tracks with the refill or use it as an extra spice. Several albums can be cut with it really because it has a ton of sounds. You can use it on the oldest computer in town: Compatible with Reason 4 and upwards. Smokin! Even includes new variations on our own Reason factory (sound bank) patch “Amazing Lead” (for Malström) which we programmed for Propellerhead back in July, of some year.

Orlando JX comes with Combinator patches as well as NN19 & NNXT sampler programs — and ReDrum kits!

Price: $15. Order.

The JX-10 patches are also available for free via this page, as real sysex files for the actual JX-10 Super JX / MKS-70.