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Bitley™ Reason ReFills info

Bundle: WBF R2, WBS 1 & 2

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Special price. $159 add

Bundle: WBF R2, WBS 1 & 2 Upgrade from any Fairlight refill. $79 add

Note! Regular prices shown below; many refills have been lowered to $15 for a limited period. Which ones? Click to order and you’ll discover the hidden treasures. Or go to the refills page and you’ll see the bargain deal prices.

Orlando JX-10 $25 add
The Prophet $39 add
Fairlight II+ $69 add
Fairlight XXL $79 add
Fairlight Platinum $79 add
WBF R2 $99 add
RE-XT 1 $29 add
O8R $29 add
Poly X3M Platinum $49 add
Classix Nouveaux $5 add
D-50 ReFill $5 add
Dreams Of Robots $1 add
WBS 1 $119 add
WBS 2 $19 add
DeLight $5 add
DaBeat $15 add

Lost In The Fairlight Maze: The complete collection

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Including coming add-ons. $159 add

Fairlight Kontakt R2

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Bitley™ Lost In The Fairlight Maze packs; $10 each info

Mallet And Chime add
Flutarian Hills add
Inside Synth City add
Outside Synth City add
Gates Of Sararr add
Beat Dis Hills add
Sea Of Bass add
Birdland Airport add
A Maze In Strings add
Synthwave 101 add
Bitley’s Hitkeys add
The Old Library add
Sublime Chimes add

Fairlight Kontakt upgrade options

Lost In The Fairlight Maze: Upgrade from Fairlight Kontakt. $79

Fairlight Kontakt R2: Upgrade from Fairlight Kontakt. $129

Bitley™ sysex banks; $15 each info

In order to be able to use these you need the equivalent synthesizer or tone module or in some cases the software version of the synth. You also need a sysex program on your computer. These are available for all platforms including Atari etc. For Mac users, we recommend Sysex Librarian. For Windows users, we can recommend Elektron C6. You also need to set the midi channel to 1 (in general) on your synth and enable sysex & disable memory protect. First perform a sysex dump of what is in the synth before you transfer a bank. A midi connection is mandatory, ideally two way.

Now, for the fun fact: These banks represent truly brilliant work made on these synths. It’s not just something we say. These banks were programmed from scratch with the highest ambitions of really maximizing and exploring the gear. Is $15 a lot for getting a totally new instrument? It’s what you’ll be getting when you invest in a Bitley™ product, period. It’s why we do this.

D50 Poly Deluxe add
TX81Z SequenceMe! add
NM Economical add
Casio VZ Centennial add
K4 Analog Classics add
K4 New Age Pads add
K4 Xtravaganza add
K4 Xtravaganza II add
JX8P Emanuelle add
JX10 LFO Experiences add
JDXA Inspired add