Musical Back Catalogue

Looking back: Our first steps into the long journey of electronic music, sequencing, synthesizers. This is stuff for the ultra-nerdy fans of what I do.

I started making music in about 1985/86 when I used my dad’s old Sony reel to reel-recorder to do “Sound on sound”-recording. That’s a perfect way to discover multitrack recording. Very fun but everything turns into a load of audio garbage. But it’s fun.

Some years later I got my first Atari, with Steinberg Pro-12 which was locking up and bugging out all the time. Took a while before I got the little brother to KCS, whatever that was, MCS? After that I started working in a keyboard store so I got access to Cubase. I started recording every “worthwile” track to tape.

These tapes are now slowly but safely being converted into the digital realm. I am using Reason to do that as well, it’s easier recording each side as a large chunk of audio and cutting up all tracks one by one after that. Set the loop markers, export loop to audio, import into Bandcamp. A bunch of hours later, or so, each tape is ready, uploaded and available for mass consumption.

I must always find a way to amuse myself when doing things, which is why patch names in my refills and Kontakt banks can end up being very silly. It’s also a cause for these tape transfers not being posted in cronological order. It would be too boring reading them in that way. I begin with the ones looking interesting.

Cassette Demos 1
We’re Living In A Cogwheel 04:17
Timestretch 00:56
Short Vaganza For 40 Seconds 00:39
And The Band Plays (Sugar I Love You) 02:50
U Want A Brownie? 03:29
Skipalong Song 01:27
Be One Nation, Be One Family 03:31
Positive 03:53
Now Dig Showtime 02:34
In New Spheres 03:23
Italio 02:50
A Delirium 02:09
In India 01:42
The Mindblower 03:23
Last Chew’s Best Chew 03:16
Machination 02:13
If This Ain’t Groovy, Then What Is? 04:02
Non-West Music 01:47
Going Down To The Sugar Club 03:42
Ode To Her 02:20
Music In The Nighties 02:16
Dream About Her 03:53
Piperoo One 01:52
I Want A Garden (Avant-A-Garden) 00:24
Italio Part Two 03:56
Ody Xogeny To JM 02:36
Workname Soul 05:12
Moveable Groovetable 02:24
A Hip Beat 04:11
Extrabeats 00:34

Cassette Demos 2
Reggae Is The Thing 03:46
Interlude: Ambient House 00:38
Sudden Sense Of Harmony 04:22
The Soldiers 05:54
How To Use House 03:26
Ain’t No Acid In This House 04:31
Attention At Tension 03:49
Interlude: Beatless 00:50
Jingle But No Bells (Al Fand Mawe Hum) 02:35
Ambient House Test 01:10
One Another Similar 01:24
Variations On A Theme 04:11
Test 03:21
Contest? 01:52
Dot Matrix 03:47
Dot Matrix Flanger (bonus) 04:30
Confused? 04:15
Endlessly 03:29
Chock 03:41

Cassette Demos 3
fortysix 00:47
ozone 06:50
afro kembal 02:41
popin’ on 01:14
asleep 03:58
whenever 05:27
q-pid 96 01:49
vintwalk 03:27
psb-gung 01:25
gorgeous 02:11
fume 01:26
4 fon 01:20
osparad 1 01:14
osparad 2 02:03
osparad 3 01:00
osparad 4 01:07
osparad 5 (mks70) 01:37
sintaczo 02:07
mixbehavin’ (bonus) 01:40
kruel laif – teknik som inte funkar (bonus) 02:42
uns(h)aved 02:03
soul 02:36
atmosphere bath 05:26
soldoftande frida 03:11
dov mås 03:39
sprinco 01:17
anew scritcut 02:43
electronic images 04:04
silent night 05:28
anemonia (bjeller clang) (bonus) 03:31
trez goobar 03:12
stadshagen 1 01:00
stadshagen 2 02:29
drifting 01:41
e-motional 02:04

Cassette Demos 4
Bacon Fry 03:52
Neon 808 06:38
Drifting 02:04
Strangetranz 02:04
Blue Abbot 1 04:22
Blue Abbot 2 02:13
Pon Gasporko 04:36
Hardfeet 02:27
In Between 00:40
Gold Cut 00:51
Fluidity 97 06:59
Überhäim Bond 02:27
Phasah Liah 05:37
Will You LMT? (bonus) 00:46
Bugger OZ Boat (bonus) 03:04
Soap Opera (bonus) 03:19

The massive gear list

These were the synths, drum machines, effects etc used on these tapes.

Roland Juno-2
Kawai K4
Yamaha TX81Z
Atari 1040 & SM-124
Cubase 2.0 & 3.0
Roland JX8P
Boss DR-550
Mackie 1202
Alesis Quadraverb +
Nord Micro Modular
E-mu Emax SE Rack
E-mu Emax HD Key
Casio RZ-1
Boss DR-660
Yamaha RY30
E-mu Proformance/1
E-mu Proteus 3
Akai S2000
Bit 01
Roland TR-707
Yamaha R-100
Roland PG-300
Akai S700
Casio VZ1
Casio VZ8M
Casio VZ10M
Alesis Midiverb III
Roland M120
Roland M160
Roland TB-303
Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus
Roland SH-2
Roland Juno 6
Roland Juno 60
Roland Juno 106
Roland JX-10 Super JX
Roland PG-800
Roland MKS-70
Yamaha KX-200
Roland D-550
Yamaha MR10
Roland VP70
Roland JV-1080
Roland XP30
Roland XP80
Ensoniq EPS
Akai MPC-2000 XL
Korg DW-6000
Korg DW-8000
Korg Triton
Korg MS-2000
Roland A-880
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Roland SC55 Sound Canvas

Note: I never had all of this at the same time. For a period I only used Atari + EPS 16 Plus, for instance. On the oldest things it’s just Atari + K4. At the most gear intense periods I had perhaps 8-10 of these things at the same time. These particular tracks were created & recorded within about a 10 year period, between 1988-1998.