Music Recommendations

Armed with a webpage and fuelled by the energy I always get from hearing fantastic music, I will share links on an occasional basis. In no way is this a comprehensive collection, but perhaps you will find a new pearl or two in the sea of music.

Marc Almond and Starcluster – Silver City Ride

This 10 track album was a total surprise to me. Marc Almond sounds just like in his 20s and the Soft Cell days. The production is impeccable and most inspiring. This is Violator & Behaviour quality – in 2016. I absolutely love it. Hope you will too.

Stunning Electronic Music

This is my Youtube playlist of things I stumble upon in occasional WOW moments. Again; nothing comprehensive at all; but it might give you an insight into what I like and what inspires me. I used to be a rather extreme record collector and I still value my CDs and LPs; home listening here is a mixture of oldskool discs and iTunes. Favourite artists in general? Chaka Khan, Scritti Politti, Pet Shop Boys, Art Of Noise, Yello, Beatles, Depeche Mode, Donkeyboy, Enya, Mike Oldfield, Yazoo & Erasure and the list goes on and on. 🙂

Totally perfect.

Little Fluffy Clouds, anyone? This is like floating in a huge fluffy stereo starship.

Best track of 2016? Oh, easy choice!

The Weeknd – I Feel It Coming (Feat. Daft Punk) – instabuy on iTunes!

The most inspiring new track of 2016?

Swedish & super fluffy, uplifting and hitty. Featuring Rebecca or Fiona, which one?

OK, so what I just said… Little Fluffy Clouds, anyone?

I have always loved the Orb! Will always. Saw them live in Uppsala a couple of years ago.