XFair is our new Fairlight based soundbank for the Motif XF series by Yamaha. The price is just $59 and the sound pack has been developed on the hardware synth itself. Our audio samples were recorded by ourselves using not only a Fairlight IIX but also a whole line of other synths, samplers and drum machines.

File format: .X6V – compatibility with MOXF-6 / MOXF-8, Montage. MOXF models needs to be expanded with flash RAM to use this.

For multitrack demos you can also check our Reason and Kontakt demos as this product has been scaled down from WBF R2 and Fairlight Kontakt R3. Or to be more correct; scaled down and built up again. 🙂

The download is instant after ordering and you will be downloading a zipped file. Unzip this so you end up with the BITLEY.X6V file & put it on a preformatted USB memory stick. Formatting is done on your Yamaha synth. Then just insert the USB stick into the synth, press FILE (right next to the DATA wheel) and load the type AllVoice – important: with Waveform & with Sample must be selected [X]. After that: coffee break as it takes a while for the synth to import the files.


107 MB of data / about 60 patches & as many multisamples.

Patch names
Matrix Strings, Vintage Choir, AlternativelyPetShop, Fairlight Vocals, Very fat, SWANEE4KillingFields, Quiteanawesomestring, Quartet, DownAndDirtyDrumkitz, Enigma Shaku 1, A Beaty Box, AFairlightMarimbaMom, ThisIsFairlightStr, Respectably Bassy!, In Mah System!, Fairlight Vowel, Beautiful Naypro, A Little Knowledge, Harp The DX, Fantastic D-50, Sararr Mod Wh, KalumbinoMellowMelod, Canadian Boards, Echoes OfTheEighties, Tom Synthetique!, ConstantinNoppleGoes, Downchestra, SararrMassiveandSlow, Sararr Fast, Luxury Marimba, Roland 8P EP, Hartmann Strings, Ain’tNoMenWithoutHat, Bitley Drums, Roland & Yamaha ’85, Dance You Off, My Friend Oberfunker, VCO Spread, Electric Banana, Harp The DX II, Harp On Stage, Syncing goats to VCO, DX100 gone bazzerk!, TubularBallsOfSteel!, Calvin Harris Feelz!, Warm Piano, Fairlight Keys, Enigma Shaku 2, Montage Drill, FB-01 Memories, CMI Bells /EP, Knight’s Mare, JX Pad