Amazing Fairlight based sounds for Yamaha MoxF ($39)


For the Yamaha MOXF series: a fantastic Fairlight based library with killer sounds based on our Reason and Kontakt banks. This is called XFAIR.

The file extension of the library is .X6V (after unpacking). This is how you use it:

  1. Format a USB memory stick with your MOXF (or compatible synth). While it is fully possible to format the stick using your computer the stick is guaranteed to work with the Yamaha if formatted on the synth.
  2. Unpack the packed file (with your computer’s standard unpack routine; this is often done automatically for you if on Mac).
  3. Put the file BITLEY.X6V on the stick from your computer. Eject the stick by right clicking on it before unplugging it to ensure nothing unexpected occurs.
  4. With your Yamaha synth powered off you can now insert the USB stick in the back of the synth.
  5. Start the synth up and choose import all patches and samples. Please refer to your Yamaha manual for a detailed description on how to do this.
  6. Let the samples and patches import. This takes about 20 minutes, but only this first time – as it flashes the memory card and puts all files on the right places.
  7. After this is done you will always be able to play everything instantly after powering up. The sounds will become a part of your synth’s internal memory.

Please note that your Yamaha synth must be expanded with a Flash expansion memory card in order to be able to import the samples and patches. The bank itself is only about 100 MB so your synth will have plenty of space left for other libraries as well.

Compability with Yamaha Motif XF, Montage and MODX: Should work; you might want to help us try that out.