Lost In The Fairlight Maze [ Kontakt Packs ]

THESE AMAZING NI KONTAKT SOUND PACKS are just $10 each. Delivery is completely instant after ordering and each pack comes with stunning patches. To obtain all packs at once, check out Fairlight Kontakt R3.


LITFM 1 – The Mallet And Chime Hallway

The early Fairlight and Synclavier mallet sounds are wonderful to play due to their rich character. We built the patches on our own recordings of these high end, legacy sampling instruments.

Patch names in LITFM 1 – The Mallet And Chime Hallway. An Instrument Of Industrial Destruction.nki, Art Of Marimbas 1.nki, Art Of Marimbas 2.nki, Art Of Marimbas 3.nki, ArtOfGamelan Games With Delayz.nki, Artoo Bell Deetwo.nki, Band Pass Chrystal Slow.nki, Big Dink.nki, Chimes CMI BW 1.nki, Chimes CMI BW 2.nki, GAMBONG Effectively Boinged.nki, GAMBONG.nki, Kalumbino Mellow Melodies.nki, Kalumbino.nki, Legacy Chimes.nki, Mallet Chop Attack Reverb Suey.nki, Mallet Slam.nki, Play Me As A Synth.nki, Stereo Marimba 1.nki, Stereo Marimba 2.nki, XYLOP.nki, XYLOPORTAMENTO.nki. 22 patches, 11 Mb.


LITFM 2 – The Flutarian Hills

This demo combines LITFM 2 with the entire Fairlight Kontakt R3 library

A journey through wind instruments taking you all the way to our new emulation of Mike Oldfield’s legendary Killing Fields flute patch from Fairlight CMI.

Patch names in LITFM 2 – The Flutarian Hills. Beautiful Naypro 1.nki, Beautiful Naypro 2.nki, Bitley Flute Experiments 1.nki, Bitley Flute Experiments 2.nki, Bitley Flute Experiments 3.nki, Bitley Flute Experiments 4.nki, Bitley Flute Experiments 5.nki, Bitley Flute Experiments 6.nki, Calliope.nki, Enigma Shaku 1.nki, Enigma Shaku 2.nki, Flute Disk 1.nki, Flute Disk 2.nki, Flute Disk 3.nki, Flute Trills 1.nki, Flute Trills 2.nki, Peruan Flute 1.nki, Peruan Flute 2.nki, Ransom 1.nki, Ransom 2.nki, SWANEE 1.nki, SWANEE 2.nki, SWANEE 3.nki, SWANEE 4 Killing Fields.nki. 24 patches, 18 Mb.


LITFM 3 – Inside Synth City

You know how people say about some synthesizers? “Oh that one. I only use it for one sound!”. Imagine if someone crazy enough to collect just about all samplers and synthesizers worked days and nights just to pick, edit, and create “killer” sounds like that. That. Is exactly what we do.

Patch names in LITFM 3 – Inside Synth City. Airvox.nki, Almost Digital.nki, Ambient Atk Osc.nki, Analog Tibet.nki, Analog Truth.nki, Bitley M12 Orch.nki, Chariots Of Fire 1.nki, Chroma DM Rez.nki, CZ-101 Darkfeld.nki, DM Strangelove.nki, MBOWSUS.nki, Phaser For Vangelis.nki, Resonant Chords.nki, Sararr Stereo Universe.nki, Synth Pluck 1.nki, Synthy Aggressive Pizzicato.nki, Velocity Raptor Harp Shark.nki, Velocity Rezo Raptorz.nki, Very fat.nki. 19 patches, 56 Mb.


LITFM 4 – Outside Synth City

Some of the best sounds ever heard for like nothing. It’s happening. The pad sound “Think JD-990 And Beyond” alone will probably keep you playing for hours. And that’s just a start.

Patch names in LITFM 4 – Outside Synth City. Aliens With Funny Faces.nki, Amazone.nki, Analog Synvox.nki, Arpeggio Bliss.nki, Bell Synth Fantasia.nki, Canadian Boards.nki, Chariots Of Fire 2.nki, Chromapolis.nki, Dinkey Digital.nki, Excellent Sync.nki, Fairlight DSP Anomaly.nki, Radical and raw mean sync.nki, Responsive Oberheim Funk.nki, Synclavier Synth Bells.nki, Synth Pluck 2 – Could B Bass.nki, Think JD-990 And Beyond.nki, Velocity Raptor Resonance.nki, Veloresonance.nki, Very Big Layer.nki. 19 patches, 68 Mb.


LITFM 5 – The Gates Of Sararr

The history of Fairlight’s SARARR, or in some versions, ARR1 sound, is a very cool one. In short, Sara was her real name and she was asked to sing in a “synthy” kind of way. The result after sampling was fantastic. The signature Fairlight sound was born. We sampled the sample and looped the loop a number of times and with lots of different settings. Other voice sounds are in here too. And other sound types as well.

Patch names in LITFM 5 – The Gates Of Sararr. 3 Generations.nki, A Fairlight Too.nki, Art Of Voice 1.nki, Art Of Voice 2 Aliasing.nki, Centennial Choir.nki, Chip Monks.nki, Choir And Strings.nki, Dark Ambience.nki, Dark Choir.nki, Donkattack Vox Refined.nki, Fairlight CMIs ultimate signature SARARR.nki, Legacy ClickChoir.nki, Legacy Comptalk.nki, Legacy Ha.nki, Legacy Oh 1.nki, Legacy Oh 2.nki, Legacy Sararr 1.nki, Legacy Sararr 2.nki, Legacy Sararr 3.nki, Legacy Sararr 4.nki, Legacy Sararr 5.nki, Legacy Sararr 6.nki, Legacy Sararr 7.nki, Legacy Sararr 8.nki, Legacy Sararr 9.nki, Legacy Sararr 10.nki, Legacy Sararr 11.nki, Legacy Sararr 12.nki, Legacy Voicesample.nki, Looping Sararr differently.nki, Massively Deluxe Lofi Love.nki, Mike Oldfield’s Fairlight In 1983 1.nki, Mike Oldfield’s Fairlight In 1983 2 DLY edited.nki, MMM.nki, Nebula Choir.nki, Ooh What A Fairlight.nki, Sararr Long 1.nki, Sararr Long 2.nki, Sararr Massive and Slow.nki, Sararr Release 1.nki, Sararr Release 2.nki, Sararr Short.nki, Sararr.nki, Synclvr DigVox.nki, The New Tibet.nki, Very Verby Synclavier.nki. 46 patches, 46 Mb.


LITFM 6 – Beat Dis Hills

Located in the suburbs of acid rain and constant dusk, the “Beat Dis” hills allows you to find six complete drumkit layouts as well as an extra Fairlight CMI noise. You will recognize some toms from a certain TV classic, so prepare to take out the pink shirt, the white trousers and the yellow shoes while getting seated in that dressed up Ford, looking exactly like a black Ferarri. “Beat Dis”, as well, is a very classic track so look it up if the name doesn’t ring a bell.

Patch names in LITFM 6 – Beat Dis Hills. Air Fairlight.nki, Bitley Drums 1.nki, Bitley Drums 2.nki, Bitley Drums 3.nki, Bitley Drums 4.nki, Bitley Drums 5.nki, Bitley Drums 6.nki. 7 drumkit patches, 9 Mb.


LITFM 7 – The Sea Of Bass

If you are fishing for bass, this is just the sea for you. Other famous species like the Art Of Noise, Scritti Politti and Yello all went diving around here as well, and if you want some PE-1000 or Arp 2600 inspiration to go with the Fairlight ferry at eight servings, jump on board and we will go deep into the lows.

Patch names in LITFM 7 – The Sea Of Bass. Acc Bass Dry.nki, Acc Bass No FX.nki, Acc Bass.nki, Arp 2600 Bass 1.nki, Arp 2600 Bass 2.nki, Arr Bass.nki, Bass From Voytra.nki, Bass Org CMI.nki, Bass Sweep CMI.nki, BASSPOP Art Of Noise.nki, BASSPOP.nki, BehindwheelBass Tweaked.nki, BehindwheelBass.nki, BOWDBASS1.nki, BOWDBASS2.nki, Double Bass & Better.nki, Double Bass.nki, E Bass.nki, Filtahbaz Soopahwet.nki, Filtahbaz.nki, FunkSynthBass.nki, Legacy Bass Cooler.nki, Legacy Bass.nki, Legacy SynBass.nki, Lo Fi Megabass Omnius.nki, Lo Fi Megabass.nki, PE-1000 Clav Bass.nki, Portamento Bass 1.nki, Portamento Bass 2.nki, Portamento Bass 3.nki, Scratch Bass.nki, Scritti Knowledge E Bass.nki, Short Marimbass Treated.nki, Short Marimbass.nki, Slider Synbass 1.nki, Slider Synbass 2.nki, Synclvr SynBaz.nki, Synth Bass 1.nki, Synth Bass 2.nki, Synth Bass 3.nki, T Bass CMI PPG Phasin’.nki, T Bass CMI.nki, Tech Bass Sweetened.nki, Tech Bass.nki, TightSequencerVariations Richer.nki, TightSequencerVariations.nki, Tom Bass Fairly Low.nki, Tom Bass Short.nki, Tom Bass.nki, Wah Bass CMI Better.nki, Wah Bass CMI.nki, Zow Zinebazz Wetski.nki, Zow Zinebazz.nki, Zow.nki. 54 patches, 18 Mb.


LITFM 8 – Birdland Airport

That’z A Wine Ull! Ok, word play, all over town this season. But you wouldn’t listen to Reason! Ok par-de-ner; Birdie Num num – dig it all; analog brass and even acoustic recordings of the lower kind of bitrate. Saxophones and trumpets of the less authentic variety. The dawning of the sample. Brass falls. Ensembles. Sampling gone vintage. It sounds more or less like E-mu Proteus/1 around these streets, but it’s purdy awesome to know that the Fairlight CMI was ten years earlier and doing all that already by 1980. These are the bombs.

Patch names in LITFM 8 – Birdland Airport. Baryton CMI Filtered.nki, Baryton CMI.nki, Bassoon CMI.nki, Birdland – Jam it yo!.nki, Birdland.nki, Brass Ens 1 Wetter Better.nki, Brass Ens 1.nki, Brass Ens 2.nki, Brass Fall CMI – Improved.nki, Brass Fall CMI.nki, BrassFall12.nki, Chorus Brass.nki, CMI MELODIUM.nki, CMI MELOHORN.nki, Diabolic Brazz & Alive.nki, Diabolic Brazz.nki, Digi Growl Looped Tweaked.nki, Digi Growl Looped.nki, Digi Growl.nki, Digital Brass.nki, Digital Improved Brass.nki, Echoes Of The Eighties.nki, Fallen from the triumph.nki, Fast Brass Fall.nki, I’m Too Saxy For You.nki, Lofi Matrix Brass 1.nki, Lofi Matrix Brass 2.nki, Low class trumpet 1.nki, Low class trumpet 2.nki, Mica Paris trumpet.nki, Mid Trombones.nki, Muted Trumpets 1.nki, Muted Trumpets 2.nki, Omni Trump R.nki, Omni Trumpet.nki, Pearl In The 42.nki, Pure Fat Brass.nki, Rich Brass Synth.nki, Slow Fairlight Trumpet 1.nki, Slow Fairlight Trumpet 2.nki, Soprano sax with 8 bit destruction.nki, Tenor Sax.nki, The Vince D-50 trumpet.nki, The Vince Wet D-50 trumpet.nki, Tromm De La 8 Inch.nki, Trumph 1.nki, Trumph 2.nki, Trumph 3.nki, Trumph 4 Hipassed & Ffected.nki, Trumph 4.nki. 50 patches, 32 Mb.


LITFM 9 – A Maze In Strings

From the early days of sampling, these string sounds all have an electronic edge to them. If you ever loved the pad in Pet Shop Boys’ all time classic “West End Girls” that’s the kind of sound quality you can expect from this bank. The collection includes cellos, violas, full orchestras and a few synth strings as well, notably some from the venerable and very tough one to carry around, Oberheim Matrix 12.

Patch names in LITFM 9 – A Maze In Strings. Alternatively Pet Shop Boysy CMI III.nki, Arcos.nki, Baroque.nki, Burkaka Straukburk.nki, Cellopanner.nki, Contrasting Fidelity.nki, Deep String.nki, Digital Cellingual Processing.nki, Downchestra.nki, Epic Samply Hp Strings.nki, Epic Samply Lp Strings.nki, Expensive Strings Extrawide.nki, Expensive Strings.nki, Fast Strings 1.nki, Fast Strings 2.nki, Fire.nki, Full Orchestra 1.nki, Full Orchestra 2.nki, Hartmann Strings.nki, It is like an orchestra of love.nki, Legacy Violas.nki, Lofi Loopalonger.nki, Longboard Stringz 1.nki, Longboard Stringz 2.nki, Matrix Strings.nki, MIDSTRNG1.nki, MIDSTRNG2.nki, QUARTET slower.nki, QUARTET.nki, Quite an awesome string sound.nki, Rich Strings 1.nki, Rich Strings 2.nki, SOLOSTR1.nki, SOLOSTR2.nki, StereoStrings.nki, STGESOLO1.nki, STGESOLO2.nki, String Machine.nki, STRINGOC.nki, These Are Excessively Wet.nki, This Is Fairlight CMI History – play it well.nki, Tremolo Cello.nki, U Want Strings.nki, Violas Schoolklass.nki. 44 patches, 32 Mb.


LITFM 10 – Synthwave Factory 101

A small but genuine and fascinating toolkit for synthwave / real 1980s fascination deluxe. Divided into five subfolders; Bass, Drums, Fairlight Voices, Hits! and Polysynths. The basses are Respectable! The drums are a machinery. The voices are UNREALly good! The hits are the business! The synths… oh yes, they are lovely too. We are looking forward to hearing what you’ll cook up using this kit!

Patch names in LITFM 10 – Synthwave Factory 101. (Bass) In Mah System!.nki, Respectably Bassy!.nki, Special Bass 01.nki, Special Bass 02.nki, Special Bass 03.nki, Special Bass 04.nki, Stone Krush Funker Bass.nki, Stone Krush Remix Bass.nki. (Drums) Ain’t No Men Without Hats.nki, Down And Dirty Drumkitz.nki, Tom Synthetique!.nki, Voyetra 8 HiQ.nki. (Hits!) Detroit 1990.nki, Disco Hit!.nki, Orkeztra Hitty!.nki. (Polysynths) Analog Square Inspiration.nki, Bold Synth Compin’ 1984.nki, Obieglide Padowie.nki, Synthwave Specialist.nki, The Runner In The Family.nki. 23 patches, 10 Mb.


LITFM 11 – Bitley’s Hit Keys

If you’ve ever been fascinated by Yaz / Yazoo, Depeche Mode, Propaganda, Tina Turner, the musical called Chess (which was penned by Bjorn and Benny from Abba) – or simply by the extremely expensive Synclavier system, the fantastic Oberheim Matrix 12, the stunning Fairlight CMI, the jaw-dropping Yamaha DX1 or so… this little neat package is going to blow your mind. Not only are you getting insanely good patches, you are actually becoming transformed and time-warped into the era where production studios were making those classic albums, building music with these high end synthesizer & sampler systems. You are set for entry on the very best day where the crew has set the equipment up for you. They brought the best sounds. Let’s say it again; this package. It is mind blowing.

Patch names in LITFM 11 – Bitley’s Hit Keys. A Question Of Music For The Masses.nki, Big Analog Monster.nki, Constantin Nopple Goes Yazoo.nki, DM Strangelove.nki, Ensoniq Bells.nki, Fairlight Maze Baze Unlimited.nki, Fantastic Voice Clav.nki, Fat Phase Poly.nki, Fat Synch Poly.nki, Harp The DX.nki, Layer With Anything Bells.nki, M12 Massive Analog Choir.nki, Percussive Bell.nki, Phase Turner.nki, Propaganda 1234 Glide.nki, Pulse Width Simplicity.nki, Roland JX Velocity.nki, Spacedepth Ultra.nki, Stone Krush Funker Bass.nki, Stratosphere Marimbas.nkm, Synclavier Bells Stereospread.nkm, Synclavier Bells Ultra.nkm, Synclavier Bells.nkm, Synclvr Bells 1.nki, Synclvr Bells 2.nki, The Art Of The Non-Resonant Marimba Pad.nki, The Church Of The DX7.nki, Underwater Organ.nki, We Don’t Need Another Hero.nkm. 29 patches, 65 Mb.


LITFM 12 – The Old Library

An icy journey into the Arty Fairlight archives, combining beautiful string and choir patches with strictly lofi ones – marimbas & machines – as well as a rich variety of drum machine sounds. This package leans a lot towards the samply kind of sound, a bit raw and similar to Art Of Noise’s ‘Beatbox’. The simple Yamaha CP80 sample is actually quite enjoyable even though it was recorded over 30 years ago.

Patch names in LITFM 12 – The Old Library. 505, 626 And Then Some.nki, 606, 808 And Then Some.nki, 707 And Then Some.nki, 909 And Then Some.nki, A Beaty Box.nki, BASSMAR1.nki, BASSMAR2.nki, BASSMAR3.nki, CompuRhythm.nki, Dirty CMI Bell.nki, Doctor Rhythm.nki, EERR1.nki, EERR2.nki, Low Strings And Lofi.nki, LOWHUH.nki, LOWSTAB.nki, Luxury Marimba.nki, MACHINES.nki, Orch Hit 001.nki, Orch Hit 002.nki, Orch Hit 003.nki, Orch Hit 004.nki, Orch Hit 005.nki, Orch Hit 006.nki, Orch Hit 007.nki, Orch Hit 008.nki, Quartet.nki, Trillian Civilians.nki, Vintage Choir.nki, YAMPIAN.nki. 7 drumkit patches, 23 patches, 27 Mb.


LITFM 13 – Sublime Chimes

Utterly beautiful bells and pads as well as a few odd and fun things to spice things up a little. This pack contains a well blended mixture of Wolfgang Palm’s digital wavetable synthesizer – the PPG, D-50, DX7, JX-8P, Synclavier and Fairlight sounds.

Patch names in LITFM 13 – Sublime Chimes. 1985 And Psyche And Verb.nki, A Fairlight Marimba Moment.nki, A Little Knowledge.nki, A Native Christmas.nki, Analog JX Phaser Bells.nki, Antique FX.nki, Antique.nki, Beauty Harp.nki, Boards Of Canada Ambience.nki, Classic & Delay.nki, D-50 for sure.nki, DOME CHURCH.nki, DX7 for sure.nki, Fantastic D-50.nki, Fine Wurly Seq Phasin Thingey.nki, Fludder.nki, Giant PPGs From BELLfast.nki, Glorious Linear Arithmetic.nki, Good Juhle Pop Delay.nki, High Altitude.nki, High Bells.nki, Hold it for loopaloopia.nki, Loopy Rinkadink.nki, Majestic Pad.nki, Marimba Delay.nki, Mega Wobbler.nki, Mellow Bowl.nki, Mellow High Bowl.nki, Nice Bowling.nki, Oldslow Snowbell.nki, Pheta Judith.nki, PPG attack.nki, Q Bass.nki, Raunchy.nki, Reso Glide Pad.nki, Rikitikitita.nki, Roland 8P EP.nki, Samplient Whiskers.nki, Schrumph.nki, Sequence Chiffy.nki, Sequence.nki, Silent Whispers.nki, Smooth Christmas Pad.nki, Steely Verb.nki, Sublime Chime.nki, Synclavier Pad.nki, Synthy Delay Bell.nki, Take A Bowl.nki, Take To The Next Page.nki, The Definition Of A Bell.nki, The Frog Bass.nki, The Polite JX-8P.nki, Tink.nki, Ulrich Schnauss.nki, Upfront DINK.nki, Vince and Andy Bells.nki. 56 patches, 112 Mb.