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Once upon a time there was this magical thing called the internet and it was like a world without anything but coolness. Thanks to some very few but very uncool people of the world, necessary steps has to be taken to maintain things securely and this is how we deal with that.

You should only order a Bitley™ product from this site. Because we are currently not selling the libraries anywhere else and they can not be refunded nor resold or given away. When you buy anything from us you purchase the right to use it in your music and by all means releasing the music. You do not, however, own the sounds. You may not use our products in any other way. No stealing, no copying, no sound ware business work, no sending links to friends, nothing like that.

HTTP? You might one day be alerted by Google or your operating system on that this is not a “secure” page, what’s up with that? Well – regarding exactly all functionality of the site (except the strict text and images you find here) everything is handled in HTTPS.

All orders are securely handled by PayPal and we are verified with them since 2010. All links from here to YouTube or Soundcloud are also HTTPS links.

GDPR? There is no other registration of you as a customer than a basic previous order history. This consists of emails and those are deleted when over two years old. They can of course be deleted sooner if you ask for that. But then you might not be able to upgrade. There are no logins on this page.

Each Bitley™ product (Reason refill, Sysex bank, Kontakt patch etc) is packed / programmed (watermarked) in a way that can be traced to orders if that should ever be needed. These libraries have taken us years to design and many customers value them as some of the finest best banks they have ever heard. So please refrain from shady actions and be happy with the sounds.