Fairlight XXL

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Fairlight XXL is ideally made for Reason 5. It contains the complete Fairlight CMI sound library, used with kind permission. It also contains other synths, samplers and drum machines. The refill packs 3 Gb of samples and patches.

The major strength lies in the Combinator patches, taking all of these samples to a whole new place, also allowing for very easy tweaking on the spot as all Combinator knobs and buttons are assigned to various patch editing functions. This refill also features Kong patches and much more. Signature patches has been kindly provided by additional Reason expert programmers including EditEd4TV, Dr Loop and a few others.

XXL sets an exceptional standard, delivering all of the sounds you always dreamed of right into your Reason rack. Compete instantly with the finest synthesizers and samplers available from yesterday, today and tomorrow. If you want access to our demo music down to the nuts and bolts, Fairlight XXL has lots of that. Later refills in the series used up that space for even more samples and patches.

The combinator graphic skins were meticously created & designed by Bitley & Emmkay. Click here to see a large picture explaining the content in further detail. (Choose to view it in fullscreen mode)

Fairlight XXL patch count

NNXT – 1,420
Combinator – 809
ReDrum – 202
Thor – 114
Malström – 30
Subtractor – 262
Dr OctoRex – 108
Kong – 23

Reason song files – 41

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Price: $79 USD