Regardless whether you may or may not know about the legendary Fairlight CMI, Fairlight Kontakt is an excellent, highly enjoyable set of no less than 850 great patches for the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.2 and up.

It all came from a public demand of creating a Kontakt version of our popular Reason-based Fairlight soundbanks.

Kontakt and Reason are two rather different animals, but we have managed to create a really inspiring soundbank for Kontakt as well. Some patches are the same as in our Reason libraries, but most are unique to Kontakt, with readily made effect assignments and so on. What we do is that we do convert our NNXT files from Reason, incorporating the samples thus creating monolith Kontakt presets. It means the samples are merged into the presets.

Monolith files – no fuzz

You don’t have to worry about where to place files etc. Just place them wherever you want on your personal harddrive/s and start making music with them instantly. Basically all sounds are derived from Fairlight CMI IIx as well as much more from our entirely unique collection. With extra editing on top. Ready to load and play instantly (.NKI format).