Fairlight Kontakt R3

• All the famous sounds from the complete and utterly classic Fairlight IIx system, with loads of spices from Synclavier and a fully equipped pro synth studio in one amazing package. Inspiration in heavy doses for sure. How about JX8P, D-50, Linndrum? They’re all right here waiting for you. Moog Prodigy basses? Anything for you, ready and waiting. If you love to tweak, Kontakt gives you endless possibilities there too. You are not limited to what we already programmed.
• Also contains everything from Lost In The Fairlight Maze and is now sorted so that those banks are found easily; they’re at the absolute top of the file hierarchy.
• This is our largest Kontakt library to date and it is made for Kontakt 5.3 and up. The full version of Kontakt is needed.
• Over 1,400 patches, 2 Gb of data, around 5,000 samples.
• Although we made improvements and added content, the price has been lowered from $219 / $159 respectively to just $99 USD.

How we see the Fairlight
We remember how the Fairlight CMI was used back in the 80s: It wasn’t the final word on synthesis and sampling. It was surrounded by other fine keyboards, high end effects, sampling tools, amazing drum machines. That is why we located, bought, programmed and sampled those as well. Purchasing sounds from us ensure that this relentless work can continue. This is a very special sound library!

Sound categories
All banks from Lost In The Fairlight Maze as well as the following: Acoustic, Analog, Bass, Brass, Casio VZ, Chasing Fairs / D-50, Choir, CMI Patches (sorted into these types: Bass, Bells, CMI Processing, Drums, Effects, Flutes, Guitars, Keys, Mallets, Organs, Strings, Used by Vince Clarke & Yazoo, Voices), Drum kits, DX patches, Effects, EII Enigma, Ensoniq SQ-80, Fairlight various, Flutes, Guitars, JX Patches, Leads, Moog, MS20, Oberheim Synths, Orchestra Hits, Organs, Pads etc, Pianoz, PPG, Sararr, SH-101, Strings, Swanee, Sync, Synclavier, Synth bass patches, Synth bells, Synthshot, Technics SX-250, Trambass, Waveseq / Wavestation, Woodwindz and finally Xylos / Mallets.

Time to be amazed
Rest assured this library is good for any style of electronic music, from hip hop to Art Of Noise-inspired experiments to dubstep, house, techno, jazz, rock, etc. Sounds shouldn’t be sorted to style; they should be inspiring for makers of all styles.

Patch list
This PDF is a document listing all the patches & links to demos etc.

$99 USD. Order.