FAIRLIGHT KONTAKT AND REASON – Returning customers, upgrade for amazing new sounds ($39)

99% of all customers here are returning customers, happy with the sounds and curious for new add-ons and fixes. The soundbanks you bought earlier have been improved in every aspect and these new versions are extremely inspiring and well made. It would be a great honor if you would like to upgrade. Or crossgrade.

Read more about the final and greatest Bitley Fairlight banks for Reason here; for Kontakt here.

No shared folder, no mystery; you will be getting a direct download link shortly after ordering and the price is just $39. You can upgrade or crossgrade to any of these versions from any of the older Bitley Fairlight versions that was ever released.

The Reason version is about twice as large depending on Reason’s architecture of being so much more than a sampler. It includes instruments for just about everything in the rack and more. The Kontakt bank has the essence of it all and is completely tailor made for the full version of Kontakt 5 and up. Kontakt player is not supported.

If you want to upg / crossgrade to the final Bitley Fairlight Reason bank, the price is $39: Click here

If you want to upg / crossgrade to the Bitley Fairlight Kontakt bank, the price is $39: Click here

If you already have these and still want more new sounds, there are a whole line of new add-ons starting with WBF R2X for Reason and Dreampads for Kontakt. The work continues and the journey only begins with WBF R2 / Fairlight Kontakt R3.

Thank you for all the excellent music you make and all the positive mentions in music forums around the globe, it means the world for the survival and continued saga of Bitley™ Sounds & Refills.