Fairlight II+

Can you believe it? You have to believe it because it’s true. This is a complete Fairlight library, and it’s the beginning of our Fairlight series of refills. Already at this stage, it’s actually the largest Fairlight CMI library in the entire world. The Bitley Fairlight CMI Legacy MK II+ ReFill is the first Bitley™ fairlight refill with virtual ‘machines’, like AIRBASS bass module, and THE ORCH orchestral sounds. The Entire Fairlight IIx library is included, original graphics on the Combinators and more. Comes with about 2,400 patches.

Includes the complete Fairlight series II factory preset library as well as sounds taken from live audio sources. The library also contains synthesizer sounds from the same era as the Fairlight – such as Yamaha TX816, Roland JX10, Roland D-50, many drum machines, odd digital synthesizers and more. The amazing thing about the library is that it collects all of this for Reason, giving the Reason user access to sounds never before achievable within the software’s environment.

The Fairlight cost over $70,000 in the 80s and was an untouchable dream synthesizer / sampler workstation for all keyboard players. Quite amazingly all of this is now available for $69 running on a Mac or PC computer. Fairlight is a registered trademark and the library is officially approved by Peter Vogel, founder of the Fairlight CMI. The refill attempts to fully recreate the working environment given every Fairlight CMI user during the days of the early 80s.

Inspiration for the sound design comes from all the classic pop records of those days that were made with the legendary Fairlight CMI. We have been inspired by the likes of China Crisis, The Art Of Noise, Scritti Politti, Howard Jones, Peter Gabriel and many others. Additional sampling has been made recording live audio material such as flute, recorder flute, a friend singing “La!” and pristine recordings of Yamaha DX7, Roland JX8P, Roland TR-808, Roland TR-909, Casio VZ-8m, Sequential Tom and LinnDrum. These are instruments we feel add to the true 80’s. Making combinations of these sounds together with the Fairlight also creates new sounds way beyond that.

 Price: $69. Order.