Deep Mining!

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Deep Mining is a brand new refill for September 2017 and priced at just $7.99, it is filled with elegant polysynth, bass, pluck and string patches all derived from our own programming on the wonderful Behringer DeepMind analog synthesizer. The refill size is just below 100 Mb and it comes with multiple touch / round robin multisamples to deliver a touch of the analog hardware.


While the refill is not a full nor comprehensive representation of everything the DeepMind 6/12 and 12D synthesizers can do, it gives a little sweet vibe from these instruments. Thanks to recording, looping and editing the waveforms in a professional (24 bit stereo) manner, with filters fully opened, we could treat the NN-XT as a software synthesizer in its own right, thus also being able to create bandpass filter patches (something the DeepMind’s hardware does not provide) and patches where Reason’s tempo syncable LFOs can operate and deliver a similar quality as the DeepMind itself.

“I can warmly recommend Bitley’s Deep Mining Reason Refill 😀 Really good patches, many NNXTs to tweak with. Bitley knows his thing as a sound designer and shows good examples of what the DeepMind can do. Soft pads, deep basses and sizzling bandpass sweeps!”

Posted by abod on 99musik


We selected a few favourite waveform characteristics and multisampled these. Some of them are sampled as they pan, modulate and differ slightly in pitch and then we sampled the same notes several times. By utilizing the NN-XT’s excellent “random round robin” playback functionality the sampler can sound just about exactly the same as the hardware synth, especially after your effect processing of choice. With the PWM waveforms we often achieve the same thing by layering those and carefully editing the sample start parameter on each layer. The sampler can then jump between those layers in order to give the illusion of a continously modulated PWM oscillator. Just like many of our other synth based refills, such as The ProphetO8R and Poly X3M, these methods make our refills in many ways comparable to, or even superior to software synthesizers many times. Or ideally really good alternatives when you feel like creating really awesome sounds. It is very hard emulating oscillators and our opinion is that the best emulation comes from sampling the original hardware in the best way possible. Because then it’s not an emulation at all: it is the real sound.

Not forgetting Ensoniq #neverforget

The high end “pro company” waveform talk all sounds very snobby and posh as well, so therefore we also occasionaly sample in the old S700 / EPS / ASR / W30 / TX16W / A3000 (and on…) way by taking one snapshot, not looping it or looping it pretty badly on purpose, spreading this across the entire keyboard. A few deliberately dirty and samply waveforms are therefore also included. It’s a nod to the techno & dance music roots & even the tracker music traditions. We can be theoretical but sometimes we want to have fun as well, right? 😉 High end sampling as possible with the extremely powerful NN-XT is awesome but sometimes why not letting in an air of Prodigy into the mix? House music, hiphop, techno, industrial, dubstep etc always has room for really samply things. By the way our refill Orlando JX10 is really like that. Very oldschool and dirty on purpose. Those waveforms were even treated by analog tape before entering Reason.

Experiment & be a programmer

The patches we provide are really always just “presets” or examples, albeit inspiring and playable. You can, and should, edit these and experiment with them. Reason is very smart, so your editing is always included with the song you are working with. Or you can use it in the same way as traditional synths and save the patches separately as well. If you want to share your patches with us and all other Bitley™ users it’s as easy as creating a folder in the particular refill’s Dropbox with your handle / nick and uploading patches. If they are very good we might even considering updating the refills with your signature patches included.

Not a combinator joyride

Deep Mining actually only contains NNXT patches so it’s made for those of you who wants to decide on your own additional layering & processing. If combinators is more your bag you need WBF R2. Be like Prince and ditch the effects (remember Kiss?) or slap on a Rev 7 wherever you go — or be the studio whiz and make sure to fill up those aux slots! 🙂

Patch count: 60 patches divided into 8 different categories.

– Prepare to get a little DeepMind!