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A soundbank with a plethora of ReDrum kits. The layout in the refill is also ideally designed for the ReDrum user who prefers selecting individual drum sounds to build custom kits on the fly. Time to change sounds? Here they are.

Sampled machines: Oberheim DMX, RX5, Sequential DrumTraks, Sequential TOM, TR-505, 606, 707, 808, 909, CR-68, CR-78, Fairlight CMI IIx, Casio VZ1, V-Synth and an added secret drum machine on top.

In total, the DaBeat ReFill contains about 1300 samples. There’s heavily EQed and processed variations. Tailor-made for house, techno and other electronic music styles, this is a perfect toolkit for any producer using Reason (version 4 and above).

Also included: a complete FX library and a few bass samples to be easily laid out on the keyboard using the NNXT. To start with, the ReFill includes 100 ReDrum patches. Using all 10 slots in the ReDrum, that’s 1000 sounds alone. Since the ReDrum lets you edit a lot of parameters per slot, the number of combinations is endless.

 Price: $15. Order.