Bundles ($99) Bundlesrepublik

BE. Three most inspiring and very deep packages with the latest and greatest work, providing you with the most important things you will ever need in front of Reason, Kontakt or both. These are USPs.

  1. Inspiration and surprise. Sounds need to be fresh in the right sense. Lush. Stereophonic. Done right and still tweakable. Creating and saving the song must be the only thing you have to worry about. A pad must be playable with an attack time perfect for modern styles. Bass sounds must cut through and not sound wimpy. Drums and percussion must get you into the groove. Elements of uplifting surprise must always be there too.
  2. Desirable limitations of vintage. While you may want to record things like vocals in ultra pristine 24-bit hifi, you want the right amount of dirt. Synths should sound like real synths and not too digital, virtual, clean or thin. Samplers should sound like real old samplers and not like a concert in G minor. A great library should make your music sound like a record. Not like a General Midi sound demo.
  3. DSP resources allowing full arrangements. Because you want sounds that load fast and uses the resources in a balanced and predictable way. Not 85% of the DSP consumed after 8 or 16 notes of polyphony. Better to have 85% left with 85 notes playing.
  4. A library must be endless. I work harder than hard to provide very cool drums, basses, pads, bells, leads, keyboard sounds, sound effects and much more. These are based and built from fabulous classic instruments. Drum machines, synths and samplers. But that’s where all of that was broken down into waveforms with precise truncation, normalisation, looping, relentlessly taking care of the boring stuff so you can do the fun. Sounds have been recorded in different velocity levels and using other tricks in order to truly maximise the possible synthesis power from great samplers like Kontakt and NN-XT. On many of the pad sounds you can increase the filter cutoff and there will be things happening. Because there is data there. A clear step away from average sampling procedures.
  5. It didn’t happen in a week or two. This development process started in 2010. A full time occupation and then some. Here are the results of 2019. I am pretty proud of these libraries – and you will be too!





Compability: Dual Core Intel Mac or PC and up with ASIO sound card. Reason 7 and up, Kontakt 5 full version or up. All samples have been done in-house. Hideous amounts of programming and reprogramming has been performed making patches work perfectly in the different environments. If you both use Reason and Kontakt the added element of surprise is that no patch is copied! This work was first focusing on the Fairlight CMI, with kind allowance from both Peter Vogel and Fairlight PLC. This has contined with Matrix 6, DX7, TX81Z, JX-8P, JX-10, JP-8, CZ-5000, VZ-1, Prophet 5 and much more. BE is WBF R2 and WBF R2X for Reason & FKR3 and Dreampads for Kontakt. Or all four. The Reason libraries has extra content such as RE patches, FX settings, ReDrum kits, Subtractor, Thor and Malström patches as well as thousands of advanced and graphically designed fully assigned Combinator skins. The Kontakt libraries has NI Kontakt’s full UI and are not limited to basic editing. These. Are. Bundles.