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Feb 25. Lower prices. On everything. Since now.

Two new refills are 8Z Free and 8Z Pro. These contain a combination of all of the classic DX7, TX816, DX9 and TX81Z patches converted to the PX7 as well as new combinators and a truckload of brand new patches that also are combined, in the case with 8Z Pro. Check them out here!

8Z Pro’s excellent TX816 EP, and this is just a single combinator patch being toyed with.
Bundlesrepublik Elektronika: Combining Reason with Kontakt? Read more here!

Recent work: Making a set of presets included with the new software synthesizer Pigments by Arturia which just was released. Adding the new PX7 based refills R2Y 1 and Way Beyond Solid. Three new fat bundles going under the collective name Bundlesrepublik Elektronika.


All of the Fairlight music is now out on Choon.
Enjoy Fairlight Disk 1 and Fairlight Disk 2. 

Eric Persing and Pedro Eustache performing with three instruments each. Nice vibes!